1. Nov 3, 2012 12:01pm

    Adorable Pit Bull Puppy Perseveres After Ear Cropping

    Meet Coco, a three-month-old pit bull from Sacramento who’s currently recovering from an at-home “ear cropping,” a practice that’s only allowed to be carried out by a licensed veterinarian. It’s often administered to pits under cruel and painful makeshift circumstances so they don’t bleed during a dogfight.

    Luckily, Coco is recovering in his foster home, who reports that he’s “coming out of his shell,” and is almost ready for a forever home.

    [L.A. Times]

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    THIS is what breeders do to their “livestock”. It’s a disgusting example of cruelty masked as aesthetics. Horrible. I am...
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    I’ve always thought my first dog would be an adopted greyhound but I’ve had so many friends with pits and they are...
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