1. Nov 4, 2012 3:30pm

    Elizabeth Warren Is Pulling Ahead of Scott Brown and Can Hardly Stop Herself from Gloating

    At least according to this gif Elizabeth Warren seems positively wracked with glee that she may very soon get to do victory donuts in front of Scott Brown’s house with her Harley (I don’t know if Elizabeth Warren rides a Harley, but if she did I can’t imagine how else she’d use it). According to the Western New England University Polling Institute (which is an organization that exists), Warren leads Republican rival Scott Brown 50-46 in the Massachusetts Senate race. Her, knock on wood, victory party will feature juice and cookies, though I’ve heard a delightful rumor that the juice is spiked with grain alcohol and the cookies have weed in them. Three cheers for election season! [via WaPo]

    -Doug Barry

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    know I’ll be voting for her. Despite all...ridiculous shit her campaign has sent me
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