1. Nov 4, 2012 5:30pm

    Thanks to the the blog NOLA to New York, we have written evidence that schoolchildren can make your heart feel like a marshmallow spinning gleefully in a microwave with just some markers and good cheer. This adorable note (and many, many others like it) come from the fourth graders at the Harriet Tubman School on Algiers Point just a brisk swim across the Mississippi from the French Quarter (don’t swim in the Mississippi because it’s totally gross).  Not to nitpick, but…New Jersey doesn’t get any love?  Just a perfunctory, “Be safe”?  Jeez, thanks, kid.  

    via Buzzfeed

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    To be quite honest, I think it’s kind of offensive to compare Katrina in NOLA to Sandy in NYC and NJ. I’m not heartless...
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